“Travel-hacking digitally-nomadic branding wizard, exploring the world without excuses and inspiring others to do the same. #livinginthailand”

Hi, I'm Taylor West

Because our personal stories evolve over time, I think a good exercise for staying in touch with who you are is to periodically tell your story in the space of a tweet. It’s a difficult challenge… try it! That’s mine above.

That’s also me you’re looking at, with a 2-week old baby Asian elephant gnawing on my leg. Little bugger!

Pretty soon, I’ll be announcing a couple exciting projects. These projects are the culmination of two-years of soul searching, eye-opening travel, and honing my skills tirelessly to help others achieve their goals. I’d love for you to join me along the way!

If you don’t, I’ll send my little elephant friend here to do a number on your legs! 😉