Most of the companies I’ve started or purchased have had meteoric rises, just before the wheels come off and the engine explodes. Thus, if there were a masters degree in business-trauma,  I would have one, and probably a minor in hard knocks to accompany it. But, like other entrepreneurs-by-blood, I haven’t let it phase me on my journey to that one big success (or several small ones).

My strengths are in creative marketing & PR, branding, design, project managm…..wait…blah blah blah, right? If you want my resume, shoot me an email — and I’ll promptly respond with “I don’t believe in those. Let’s meet for coffee instead.”

I’ve always thought that I would build a huge empire first, before I started sharing anything in a format like this. You know… because credibility is king. But I’m quickly starting to realize that sharing my past and present experiences along the way might actually be more valuable to you at this point in your journeyBesides, credibility is relative, and doesn’t necessarily invalidate those things one says prior to earning it.

Here’s to hoping this proves true… or at least entertaining.

I look forward to the conversation.



Taylor West